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Knowingly or Unknowingly

I expect a lot
But expectations are always not good
It may make your mind as a wood
We expect a lot
But it goes and hide inside a lot
Knowingly or unknowingly
It hurts me a lot
The words we said cannot be rebacked
So it takes us back
Into the dark
Without any spark
My teachers always tells me
"First let your talent grow"
But knowingly or unknowingly
They will itself let the growth go down

Garde 9


Sometimes, when i look in the mirror
I think,
I think for a while
And then i smile and be happy
I see myself
I see my spirit within
What i don't see is the other side of me
What people want from me!
If i would listen to what they expect for me
I feel like a puppet
Dancing upon someone's else time
The mirror talks, you see
It tells me i am me!

Mirsa Moosa

Plus II

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