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Senior Secondary

At Benchmark Senior Secondary, the day starts at 7.45 am and winds up 4.00 pm in the evening. In between they have classes with Break fast, Snacks and Lunch breaks. The food part is our concern and all the students are provided break fast, tea, snacks and Lunch at the school.

BIS Advantages

  • It allows public holidays to be holidays
  • it provides coaching in group of 40
  • It runs tests every day and texts the results to parents
  • It reduces the test-fear, making it regular and increasing its intensity slowly
  • It provides space and time for sports and games
  • It promotes extracurricular activities parallel to the coaching
  • It enables the student to have an independent vision of their own
  • It uses fully digitalized testing environment which helps save time and improves comfort
  • It emplo s time-proven, uality-assured facul with a vision to life.

Career Guidance Secondary

Long Term Entrance Coaching facilities are provided fcr students of Classes XI &XII in Engineering & Medical and lIT Foundation Courses arc providec for students of Classes VII X in collaboration with BrainStation, Tirur & Calicut We have excellent proven records Many students are studying in various Prestegious Medical and Engineering colleges across


Laboratory teaching assumes that first-hand experience in observation and manipulation of the mat
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Play ground

Physical education has a great role to play in the personality devel
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The school has a good library. There are 5000 books under its belt in various languages
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