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Pleasure Trips for the Students of Grades 1 to 10

Pleasure trips are wonderful educational experiences deeper than the regular school

environment affords. It provides practical learning which increases their desire to

try new things owing to the interest it sparks in them.

In the month of December, we organized pleasure trip for the students of Grades 1

to 10.

The students of Grade 9 and 10 visited ‘Coorg’, a place with cool and pleasant

climate where nature stands with all its beauty and grace”. The Coorg Hills left a

lasting imprint in the mind of teachers and students .


 The students of Grade 6 to 8 went to the water theme park ‘Wonderla’,Ernakulam.

The whole day spent over Wonderla gave much excitement and cheer to the


The students enjoyed playing in the wave pool and different rides. Our big team of

teachers did their best to provide a memorable experience for the students.


The students of Grade 3 to 5 were taken to Silver Storm and Snow Storm,Thrissur

and our kiddies of Grade1 and 2 went to Fantasy Park, Malampuzha.

The kids enjoyed themselves throughout the day while trying several thrilling rides

and refreshing in the water. The fun and excitement were discernible on the face of



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