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Our Facilities

BenchMark International School is committed to provide the best in class facility to the learners, parents and teachers. Our facilities for the curricular as well as the extra-curricular contain invigoratingly wide options. The features of this category are planned with a vision that makes the parent and the community realize the advantages of being at BenchMark.

Language Laboratory

Our state of the art language lab facility is meant to work on the listening and speaking skills of the students. The lab can accommodate an entire class of students comfortably and can also be utilized as a presentation room for the student presentations.

Art studio

Art is key in shaping up the persona of our children. Researchers have increasingly revealed the need of art in learning programmes. We are developing a full-fledged art station for the children. The station will give ample freedom for the children to involve themselves in colour and lines and dreams under the careful supervision of the art teacher.

Music Stations

The art ware at BenchMark is impressive. Apart from drawing, painting, sculpting and collaging classes, we have a wide range of  musical instrument training programmes. Guitar, key board, violin, table, triple drum are some of them.

Digital classrooms/WiFi Campus

All our classrooms are digital and LCD projector fitted. The entire syllabus for the year is converted in to digital teaching modules and the courseware we deliver is made more interactive and engrossing for the learners Smart room The smart room of ours is indeed smart with huge touch screen interactive white board. The room has new generation devices to fully exploit the leaps in ICT and to render it handy in the teaching learning processes at the campus. 

The Schools has restricted WiFi facility for students.  The students are given  access to download their study materials and they are allowed to browse internt for their project and seminar works. 

IT Lab, Maths Lab and Science Lab

School has well equipped IT lab with internet facility. 40 students can work together in the lab. Maths Lab and Science Lab is also full-fledged with all facilities for the students to provide better learning space in the school.

Students Organic Farm

Environment is at the heart of the scheme of things at BenchMark. Resting on the banks of the picturesque Tirur-Ponnani River, BenchMark can’t be otherwise. But it is not just the proximity to the water that drives our green-friendliness. We are sharply aware of the priority that environment should be accorded in an agenda of the present if we are to leave the future ready for the young ones. A world which is alarmed by the relentless assault on the land and water, we need to educate the young ones about the significance of growing up with nature, not against it. The possession of ample stretch of land waterfront has left us with a lot of options regarding our green dreams. We are developing a whole set of green ventures in the BenchMark Knowledge centre which include poultry farm, vegetable farms and orchard. The idea is to make BenchMark self sufficient in vegetable and poultry cultivation that , in the long run, we should be able to meet the vegetable needs of the students’ families.


Separate hostel facilities are  available for boys and girls outside the school campus.  The students are given individual attention to groom their personality. The hostel is equipped with amenities like television, newspaper, periodicals, magazines etc. to inculcate interest in developing all round awareness. Telephone facility is available for students to keep  in touch with parents and residence for teachers is also there to guide and instruct students.

The other highlights are:

  • Specious rooms with attached bathrooms
  • Separate bed along with shelf, chair and cupboard.
  • Potable water through aqua guards and water cooler
  • Hygienic and homely food
  • Recreation hall for amusement and entertainment.
  • School bus facility from hostel to school

Games Facilities

Physical education has a great role to play in the personality development of children through sport activities. BenchMark is focused on giving importance to extra curricular activities along with academic curriculum. Specialized game enrichment programs are  designed for children to  develope mental strenght. Physical Education Instructures are giving coaching on different games like Football, Vollyball,Basketball, Badminton, Kho Kho, Tabel Tennis etc. We have full fledged basketball court and badminton court. 


The school has a good library. There are 5000 books under its belt in various languages like English, Malayalam, Hindi etc. A wide range of  books like stories, novels, drama, prose, children's literature, essays, poems, biography, history, philosophy, reference books and others are provided in the library.  A qualified librarian is also dealing with matters regarding library and reading room. Students can take books to home.

Student Counselor

Student counselor is an important part of the educational leadership team and provides valuable assistance to students in Montessori, Primary school, Middle school and High school.

 The Counselor ensures:

  • Overall psychological growth of the students
  • Guides children and teens with social and career development
  • Work with parents, teachers, nurse to identify the students’ developmental needs
  • Meet students individually or in groups.
  • Conduct aptitude tests
  • Provide students with scholarship information, training manuals


The school has a fleet of 21 buses that provide a smooth and safe transport for students.  A helper is provided in each bus to take care of the students.Students desiring to use the school transport have to register their names with the details of boarding point, bus route, bus number etc. to the school office.In case the parent / guardian wish to change the boarding point or bus route, they have to give the intimation in advance.

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