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Green Gores

Environment is at the heart of the scheme of things at BenchMark. Resting on the banks of the picturesque Tirur-Ponnani River, BenchMark can’t be otherwise. But it is not just the proximity to the water that drives our green-friendliness. We are sharply aware of the priority that environment should be accorded in an agenda of the present if we are to leave the future ready for the young ones. A world which is alarmed by the relentless assault on the land and water, we need to educate the young ones about the significance of growing up with nature, not against it.

The possession of ample stretch of land waterfront has left us with a lot of options regarding our green dreams. We are developing a whole set of green ventures in the BenchMark Knowledge centre which include poultry farm, vegetable farms and orchard. The idea is to make BenchMark self sufficient in vegetable and poultry cultivation that , in the long run, we should be able to meet the vegetable needs of the students’ families.

Gifted Learners Center

BenchMark plays equal attention to those who learn slow and to those who are quick and bright. There are learners who are ‘gifted’ and are capable of thinking and grasping beyond the age groups to which they belong. We believe that such learners need to be given different kind of challenges and exposed to intelligence-appropriate learning tasks. The ‘gft’ of these children may be made out in many way: prodigious memory, tendency to seek adult company, they like games and try to complicate rules to make them interesting, for instance.

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